Welp this should be a boring few moments. My Name is David Lee Vondrasek. I live in Grand Prairie, Texas,  Just outside of Dallas. I'm 35 years old. I was born in Dallas, Texas, were I lived till I was 13. From there I move to La Crosse, Wisconsin. I attended and graduated High School and then on to the Western Wisconsin Tech. Inst. for a course in Computer Operations and Management Studies. You have to remember this was in 82' When computers were not what they are to day. We are talking DEC 20 Mainframes here people, Computers the size of a living room in a glass room that did the work that your TI-35 does now. After collage, I decide to "Be all I could be" and and took a short tour of Ft. Sill Oklahoma as a 31V20/E5 (Communications) Specialist. At age 23 I moved back to Texas and have been here ever since. I've done a number of jobs from Selling new cars, manufacturing envelopes, selling funiture and even did a tour for Radio Shack as a manager for 3 yrs in a store in Irving, Texas. The the time came to expand my knowlage and try for something I enjoyed. I went to work for Internet America as a Support Tech. Advancing though the ranks of Internet America from Tech Support, to Electronic Support, Research & Counsulting, and on to the present job of one of the Policy Enforcement Team (PET) members. All the jobs I've done, I enjoy the work at IA the most. They are the best company in the world to work for if you wish to advance in your knowlage on Internet operations and what makes the net tick.

Also at the present time I'm attended several courses at DCCCD. At this point I'm in The Unix II Class and taking Algebra II (I hate Algebra). I've also completed a course in Computer Network Operation. Most of this class dealed with NT and Novel. Not something a feel is a stable or secure network system. Thus the class's in Unix, the only TRUE Networking operating system for security and stability.


You will also fine information on one of my hobbies dealing with HAM Radio. I've been license since I was 13. Holding calls including KA9JLU from my time in Wisconsin, and my present call of N5ITO since I moved to Texas. I became a real QRP player for some time until a past marriage ended the 500+ feet of wire strung around the backyard. Since then I try and stay active on 2meters (But it's just not the same). You can locate me hovering around 146.880 the Dallas Amateur Radio Club Repeater Freq. But HF and QRP are still in my blood and will be back when possible. I just have to get that old Collins S-Line back on the air. I doesn't deserve to sit in a closet in box's, it was meant to TALK !

Another past time is my toy. A 67 Camaro with a 350hp/327cid . I have collected a database of 67-69 Camaro Data from Specs to options, and links to several places to look for more information to be posted soon.

The next and last hobbie I guess is my own servers and my study of the Unix operating system. Since the backbone of the Internet is run on *nix, I figured I needed to learn as much as I could. You can see how and what this server runs at the ROOT of my domain located at http://www.davidv.net

Well enough about the Web Page, Stay awhile, I'm sure you can find something you like.


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